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A social platform for the Motorsports Community!

Fans, Racers, engineers, and everyone involved in motorsports United by the Love of Racing

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Really cool up and coming place for…

Really cool up and coming place for speed enthusiasts that isn't specific to a vehicle, pla...


Like facebook but without the garbage

Like facebook but without the garbage, you had me on cars bro...


Really good site for meeting new like…

Really good site for meeting new like minded people! amazing founder who is always ...

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Everything you need on a single platform 

  1. Create Groups
    Everything your group needs, Discussions, Events, Rich media, Announcements
  2. Set up Fan pages
    to Keep your audience up-to-date
  3. Latest Motorsport News
    Not from one place but from a multitude of sources
  4. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts
    Seriously what's the point of a social platform if you can't make friends
  5. Upcoming Events / Races
    Stay up to date with upcoming Races or manage your own events
  6. Available as a website or as an App
    Stay up-to-date on the bus or at your desk, the app and website are available
  7. Messenger App (coming soon)
    Keep on chatting with your friends or group and share images, videos and attachments

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If you are a fan or in the motorsport industry then it is for you, doesn't matter if you race on a dirt track, water or you fabricate engines, as long as it has a motor and you race with it this site is for you (that, of course, includes SIM racing)
You can also use it as your social platform setting up groups of your own interest, share videos and pictures of events that you have been to

Have you seen the state of mainstream social platforms these days the toxicity on there nowadays is horrible and I'm not really interested in the next doors neighbour new cat, I want to see images of a new Turbo or a new set of wheels, I've built this place so that us racing junkies can be out of the everyday noise that is on other mainstream social platforms and just has a space that is solely motorsports

My name is Alex, I build websites for a living and am an absolute addict when it comes to motorsport so I decided to build this site for my Racing addiction. I just wanted to have a space to hang out with other passionate racers and fans, we all have the same passion at the end of the day and that is the Art of racing.

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"Awesome site"

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