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What is ITLR

Firsts off, hope you're well in these mad times! Crazy times we live in, but, I'm so glad Motorsport racing is nearly back to normal. What a racing weekend we just had great fun to watch, I'm an f1 addict have been since a child, and boiiiiiiii did Lando put on a show, If you ask me Lando and Russel are just mighty future champions I can't wait to see them race wheel to wheel! 

A community of members passionate for motorsports

ILTR, iLiketoRace.com

Anyway, back to what on earth this Network is about, to make it simple, it's to bring us wannabe racers and pro racers closer together, out of the other noise and free to just talk MotorSports, meet new people that are just as passionate about motorsports racing as you are and just have a space to have a laugh. I am right at the beginning and am currently looking for content to add to the network so that you're not bored when you get here. 

But what can you actually do on the site... Well glad you asked! To be blunt it's basically a tailored version social platform dedicated to motorsports, so you have the ability to:

  1. Organise Races on your preferred machine or Real Track and show off your skills, ILTR Karting Session? Who's up for it?
  2. Link to Videos, if you've got videos of product reviews or just showing off your mad skill on track this is a great place to add them the community would love to watch them
  3. Your profile and following. Just like with any social platform you have your own profile, you can build up a following and reputation you can also add your Adsense code here it shows up on your profile and your blog posts if you add any
  4. Got a brand related to motorsport in general?  Want to stay in touch with a community that actually cares about what you do? Set up a page for your brand and let people know what's been going on with the brand!
  5. Create Groups, You can create private groups where you moderate your members joining, you can have hidden and invite-only where no one can see it unless you send them a link (close friends you race with maybe?) or simply set up Public groups Like a DIY Sim racing groups or simply a Race series group it's entirely up to you.
  6. Chat
  7. Insert your RSS feed and publish your articles to the community

And way too much more for me to carry on talking about here. You can sign up here if you're interested :


Who's behind ITLR, well, to be honest, I'm actually just by myself, my name is Alex Lee, I'm a proud wannabe racer, over in Switzerland Geneva :-),  I've been watching racing since I was young I just love the art,  like a lot of us I've turned to sim-racing later on in life, to satisfy that child racing dream :-) and boy do i love it, it's hard getting work done when you have a rig next to you all day :-) I'm in no way good I'm still working my way up I still need to pass the 2k barrier on Iracing... let's be honest. I need to first get past the 1.5k mark lol then I'll work for 2k. 

I've set this site up to meet other passionate racers, have an area that regroups all the upcoming events/races online and offline and who knows together we might get big enough to have some big-name racing drivers on here, my goal is to get a chance to get to an F1 paddock pass one day :-) 

Anyhow, I've got a lot more information to come so I won't bore you any longer, come on back in the near future I'll have posted some more blog posts showing you around.

In the meantime, Stay focus, don't forget to hydrate, and hit the damn Apex!

Take care




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