Hey there! My name is Alex and as you may have guessed I like to race, I'm one of those wannabe racers that never lived the dream so of course, I turned to SIM racing, I'm not that good by any means but it's my escape I fluctuate between 1200 and 1490 iRating (never made 1500 it's this year's goal!), Anyway, I created this Social platform in the hopes to meet and make some good racing friends from around the world or at least make a place where we racers can get together and have a laugh organise a race and stay up to date with the Motoringsport world, outside of the normal Social noise.

That's cool and all... But what can you actually do... 

Well to be honest way too much, It's literally a Tailored Facebook for us racers...  you get a profile to Create a following, you can Chat, Create Pages, set up Groups, start discussions, add Videos, Organise Events and so so much more

You can even Set up your own Google Adsense for your profile and blog posts, if you have a following you know what that means, you get an extra location to earn those sweet Adsense checks :-)

I'm also working towards building the Newsportal for Motor Racing and SIM Racing alike, if you have a website  RSS feed, send it on over to us, we'll set you up, but I do suggest signing up as an author so that you can control your brand's identity on the network and have your Adsense code display on your articles :-) If you don't and you want to write for because you like to you can of course add your AdSense code to your articles, On your Profile its top left, on your articles its header and footer, I'm just keeping the Sidebars to try and finance the servers and stuff... 

If there isn't an App out already when you read this, then it's coming in the next month, end of July 2021 I'm planning for, which will allow you to have another new social app on your phone aha how many do we really need huh! But at least this is for us the racers.

Anyway, that is enough from me, I've got a million things to do for the site so ill end with, Stay focused, hydrate, and hit those apexes

Take care